Friday, January 14, 2005

Livin' in a Winter Wonderland

Winter has descended in force on Asahi - over the past few days we've had about a foot of snow, which has made getting around a little difficult. Thankfully the snow plough came down my road yesterday, so it's pretty clear, but as a result a wall of snow has been ploughed up round my car. When I arrived in August I wondered what the shovel in my porch was for - now I know.

On the plus side though, everything looks absolutely beautiful in the snow. I snapped these pictures when I was walking to school yesterday - I just couldn't get over how magical everything looked in the early sunlight. I had a nice experience on Wednesday evening too, when I braved the cold to walk to the Circle K. I looked up and down my road, and realised the snow was unbroken - I was the first person to walk down the road outside my house since it started snowing at the weekend. I love that feeling of walking on unbroken snow - it's a bit like breaking the seal on a coffee jar: the sense of starting something new, tinged with the satisfaction of destruction.

It's stopped snowing now, and rain is forecast for the weekend, but I'm assured there will be plenty of snow over the next two months. Bring it on!!!


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