Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cutie Honey

I came across this little gem when I was in the video shop the other day - "Cutie Honey". It's a live action film based on a really old anime, and it's in the running for "most typically Japanese film ever". It's got all the elements - dangerously high levels of pink, stupid Engrish title, semi-pornographic costume... it even features an "unemotional tree demon called Sister Jill". I haven't seen it yet, but if there's giant fighting robots in it, then it will definitely win first prize.

You can check out a review by clicking on the "Cutie Honey" title above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lew, Karl here, laugh all you want, but I have seen that movie and it is indeed brilliant in an over the top, sugar high, psycho live action cartoon sort of way. If you'd like a subbed copy lemme know...

3:00 pm  
Blogger Lewis said...

Thanks for the offer Karl! Email me!

3:50 pm  

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