Monday, August 30, 2004

Settling down

Well, where do I start? The past three weeks have absolutely flown by. It really feels like I'm on holiday at the moment - which I am I suppose - and I've been trying to cram in as much as possible before school starts, which is on the 1st Sept, not long now! There are 87 JETs in Fukui prefecture, and I think I've met them all now, plus there are a few other English teachers working for private companies who tend to hang around with us JETs too. The last month really has been a whirlwind of parties and day trips - I feel absolutely exhausted now!

Last night we went to a reggae festival held on the beach at Takasu, which was brilliant. The weather has been incredibly warm and humid ever since I arrived - its been above 30 degrees almost every day - and last night we had a bit of a dance round the camp fire on the beach until 3 in the morning. It really made me think of what Australia must be like - I'll have to stop off there on my way home!

Other than that there have been lots of trips out to restaurants and bars. The food has been a bit tricky - especially for a vegetarian. Ive had some really nice stuff but there are some things that are just barely edible. I've also been eating a little fish, since most restaurants dont have a vegetarian option. Cant say Im too keen on the taste though! I also ended up having a hot dog on the beach last night, because thats all there was to eat - tasted pretty rubbish though...

Monday, August 02, 2004

Hello from Tokyo!

Guess what, I`m in Japan! After a 12 hour flight and a two and a half hour bus journey I`m at the hotel, ready for the Tokyo orientation. And what a hotel! We`re staying in the Keio Plaza Hotel in Sjinjuku - a five star, 42 storey, unbelieveably plush building. Thanks Japanese government! Anyway, this is just a quick hello because I`ve only got a few minutes to check email. I can`t believe I`m actually here, it all seems a bit surreal... Tokyo is like no city I`ve ever seen, and I`m a bit too tired to take it all in. Sort of Bladerunner meets Akira meets Disneyland...