Wednesday, February 02, 2005

These are the massage chairs that at Aqua Cipy in Takefu. I love these things. Rollers hidden in the chair go up and down your back, whilst the leg rests give your pins a squeeze. For just 100 yen you get seven minutes of bliss. Definitely one of the best things ever to come out of Japan. Posted by Hello


Blogger The Funky Drummer said...

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the massage chair front.

It's like having your spine ripped out by a robotic chair.


4:29 pm  
Blogger Lewis said...

OK, I'll admit they're nowhere near as good as being massaged by another human being, but, for a robot, they're pretty relaxing. Plus they have never turn round to you and say, "Fine, I'll give you a massage, but you have to massage me first".

Long live the robots.

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Nick Burbidge said...

I want one of these. Even just for casual torture purposes.

10:17 pm  

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