Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's Nearly Christmas...

I can't quite believe it's Christmas in four days... and in two days' time I'll be getting on a plane to fly me back home! What utter madness!!! What on earth was I thinking when I booked a flight back to cold, damp England when I could be in Thailand instead, lounging around on a beach sipping cocktails!? What a fool I've been!
But seriously though, it really is cold and damp in England, although technically slightly less cold and damp than my house in Asahi, since we have a thing in England called "central heating". This marvellous new invention means that houses can remain at a liveable temperature throughout the winter, which also means you can avoid the situation where it's actually warmer inside your fridge than in your kitchen. Yes, that's right, I'm now huddling up to the fridge for warmth. No need to worry though, I'll be in Thailand soon. No, wait, I won't will I? I'll be in England.
But seriously though, my kitchen really is that cold. When I got home from work the other day I decided to have a round of toast with Nutella to warm myself up, but I discovered that the entire jar of chocolate spread had frozen solid. I put it in the fridge to warm it up a bit.
But don't worry Mum, my legs haven't fallen off from frostbite yet, and I really am looking forward to coming home and seeing you and the family this Christmas. Just make sure the thermostat's turned up nice and high when I get back - I want to get a sun tan from the radiators.
And speaking of Christmas, here's a few pics from the Fukui JET "non-denominational festive gathering", also known as Festivus (although the event was sadly lacking an aluminium pole).

NEWSFLASH: I've just found a website where you can buy genuine Festivus poles. 'Tis a Festivus Miracle I tell ya!


Blogger Rich said...

Boxing Day in the Tudor!?

No drunken acoustic Oasis covers, badly strummed on stolen instruments though please.
I can't bear to endure the first two lines of wonderwall another four times!

12:25 am  

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