Friday, December 16, 2005

The Continuing Saga of My Buried Car

On Thursday afternoon, for the first time in days, it stopped snowing. With the re-emergence of long-forgotten blue skies I decided it was the perfect weather for digging out my poor little snow-entombed car.
My car was rendered immobile by snow on Tuesday, and I've been living like a hermit ever since, only venturing out of the house to go to school or buy snacky treats from the Circle K. It's been hard, but on the plus side it's given me a bit of time to get re-aquainted with my seldom-used-in-recent-months Playstation 2. Oh, how I've missed thee.
However, a crisis is looming - the weekend is coming closer and there's a serious chance that I might not be able to go snowboarding if I can't dig my car out in time, and will instead have to spend the weekend eating sandwiches from the Circle K and hoping the kerosene for my heater doesn't run out. To make matters worse, I've finished all my Playstation games. The race is on....
To aid me in my Herculean task, I thought I'd ask the school caretaker to let me borrow his brilliant "snow mower", but unsurprisingly he was reluctant to let go of his favourite toy. Instead, he gave me what's known in Japanese as a "mama-san dump" - a great big sledge thing with a handle, so-called because it makes it easier for old ladies to move around snow. Not exactly the manliest tool, but it moves snow a lot faster than my old shovel, so I'm not complaining.
And so, it begins.


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