Monday, December 19, 2005

Escape to Victory!

Welcome to the next thrilling instalment of "My Buried Car". Regular readers will remember that on Thursday night I was forced to give up after three hours of digging because my car became beached like some sort of crazy snow whale. I'd managed to deal with the defeat by drowning my sorrows in mint choc chip ice cream, but I came back on Friday afternoon with eyes blazing, my battered soul hungry for fiery vengeance. There was no way this pathetic white fluff would beat me - with the mighty mama-san dump at my side, I knew I was invincible.
All hail Lewis! The Fearless Snow Avenger! Shoveller of Driveways! Clearer of Access Roads! Wielder of the Dump!
Now read on adventurers, as we go back to the frozen Ice Kingdom of Fukui...


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