Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Glorious Defeat Part 2

Yesterday was the annual Nyu High School bowling tournament - straight after the end of school all the teachers trooped off down the local bowling alley and competed in that most gentlemanly, yet criminally under-recognised sport. And I was rubbish. Again.

Regular readers may remember my dismal failure in last year's tournament (see The Staff Bowling Competition in the December 2004 archives) where I came second from bottom. Well, this year I completely outdid myself in the terrible bowling stakes ladies and gentlemen - yes that's right, this year I leapt down one place to claim the bottom spot for my very own. I am officially THE WORST BOWLER IN NYU HIGH SCHOOL. And to prove it I was given a special booby prize consisting, bizarrely, of a 100 yen baby mask with stubble, a paper lantern and a free ticket to go bowling. The baby mask I can sort of understand, the lantern is a bit random, but the free ticket to go bowling is just taking the piss surely. Maybe it's a hint that I should practice more...
Anyway, despite my miserable performance I actually had a lot of fun - the teachers are a great laugh, and you should have heard the cheer that went up when I got a spare (one of only two spares I achieved in two games. I didn't get any strikes. Yes, I know, I'm rubbish - even the office lady who was rolling the ball with two hands did better than me).
Final score; 164 (1st game = 74 points, 2nd game = 90 points) The winner got 308. Whoops.


Blogger lemaiz said...

Well you would've roundly whupped my ass back in the day... I seem to recall being in my mid-teens and achieving the awe-inducing score of 16. Including a spurious strike! I have a print-out to prove it somewhere.

There's always someone out there more rubbish than you...

9:07 pm  

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