Friday, March 25, 2005

More Engrish Magazines

I spotted this new magazine when I was in the Circle K the other day. I've absolutely no idea what it's about, but there seems to be some kind of elaborately coiffed boy band on the front who look like they've had trouble dressing themselves. I'm fairly sure this has nothing to do with the male-orientated egg market.

Actually. I've just noticed that the magazine behind has the word "Pimp" on its cover, and there seems to be a picture of Justin Timberlake... Is Justin Timberlake a pimp? I'm intrigued now, I think I'll stop by the Circle K on my way home and take another look.

Anyway, this'll be my last post for a while since I'm off to Okinawa on Monday (woohoo!!!). I'll be back on April 7th, hopefully with lots of gorgeous photos of white sandy beaches, so until then, take care!

Love Lew.


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