Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Last, Last Day of Snowboarding

I've been saying the snowboarding season is over for about a month now, but Mother Nature has been quick to contradict me on a number of occasions. Two weeks ago, when I went to Osaka, the weather was like this:

Beautiful sunshine, clear skies, a slight chill in the wind but otherwise a sign that winter has well and truly passed. Goodbye Jack Frost, Hello Sunshine!!!

Then, a week later, this happened:

A good half metre of snow suddenly appeared overnight, and Fukui was plunged back into the depths of winter for about three days. Perhaps the snowboarding season isn't over after all...

Still, despite the freak snowstorm, the days of boarding are definitely numbered as the temperatures rise, so on Monday we embarked on probably the last, last snowboarding trip this season. Probably.

The chosen destination was Dynaland in Gifu (the neighbouring prefecture), which is a sort of DisneyLand for snowboarders, complete with half pipes, rails, jumps and errrr... more jumps. I came over all Tony Hawks when I saw the halfpipe, but as I was considering trying it out, I suddenly realised that it might take a bit more skill than double-tapping "up" on the D-pad while pressing the triangle button. Plus I'd probably break my neck.

However, right at the end of the day I decided I was confident enough to try out a little jump that someone had made at the edge of the beginner run. I was feeling pretty cocky by this point, so I asked Sam to video me. Everything was going brilliantly until I took off, then suddenly I was wondering why the sky was below me instead of the ground.

So if you want to see a rather amusing video of a guy landing on his head, then narrowly missing a tree, get in touch with Sam L.

(I did manage to do it on my second try though, despite the bruises...)


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