Monday, March 14, 2005

The Beard Extravaganza

Last Saturday saw the arrival of a much-anticipated event in the JET community - the shaving of Matt Gilhool. At the end of last year, Matt pledged that he would shave off his beard for a charity auction, and the response was amazing. His pledge to shave raised as much money as all the other items up for auction put together: at the last count his beard was worth 115,715 yen (about 570 pounds).

Matt's had his beard for most of his adult life, so the shaving was a big event. My house was chosen as the venue, and fortuitously the date coincided not only with Matt's birthday, but with (Takefu JET) Dion's birthday, as well as the date of (UFO teacher) Claire's departure back to Australia: so it was a big old shindig.

There was a facial hair theme too, resulting in plenty of amusing photos of girls with moustaches. Most of my snaps were a bit blurry, so some of these photos come from Rob Cro's site and Adele's site.

So thank you to Matt G for being such a great sport, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Dion and Matt, and sayonara to Claire (we're all gonna miss you!!!) Thanks to everyone for coming!


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