Thursday, December 16, 2004

Retro is cool

As I was leaving Tom's Toast Restaurant last night with Adam, Joe and Dion, I stumbled across this bizarre contraption. Posted by Hello

It was outside a farming machinery store (of which there are many in Fukui), but it's perhaps the most comical piece of agricultural machinery I have ever seen. Look at the tyres for Christ's sake! Is it a pram or a tractor? As Dion pointed out, it looks like something Henry Ford dreamed up whilst farmers were still using tethered oxen. It was comical enough already, but then we saw what it was called.... Posted by Hello

Yes, that's right, it's a "Lovely Mini Special". The envy of all the farmers in Fukui.

But I still can't work out what it actually does. It had these weird prong things on the back, but they look more like part of a sewing machine... Posted by Hello

If anyone spots any more "Lovely Minis" please let me know. I may start a photo library of these wonderful machines.


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