Friday, December 03, 2004


You know, I've definitely warmed (ho ho, excuse the pun) to the oil heaters in Japan. When I found out there was no central heating here I was....hmmm, what's the word.......outraged. Yes, outraged! How dare they not have central heating! Godammit!

Well, maybe that's a bit strong, but anyway, it seemed a bit weird considering the winters are bloody cold. That was before I discovered the heaters though.

At first I was more than a little concerned about firing up a heater which runs on kerosene in my front room. Let's face it, the tatami mats are made of straw, the walls are made of wood - it's a potential death trap, right? But the heaters are jam-packed with funky safety devices, so I don't worry about it any more. They have a cool motion sensor thing, so that if there's an earthquake they automatically shut off. Genius.

Did I mention they're really warm too? Not only that, they're dirt cheap to run - it only costs 900 yen for 18 litres of kerosene, which is about 4 pounds 50. So I suppose the only down side is the smell. Oh, and having to lug around 18 litre tanks full of kerosene.

But they're a damn sight more exciting than radiators, I can tell you.


Blogger Paul Hewitt said...

Wow what a cool toy. Have you tried shaking it to make sure that it is earthquake proof!

12:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you considered the possibility that you may become addicted to the smell of kerosene and become dependant on the fumes?

What will you do once the spring comes to get your fix?

Or even worse... move on to the hard stuff...diesel, oil or even coal...

I knew this bloke once. He had a real bad coke habit...

6:55 am  
Blogger Lewis said...

I did try giving the heater a kick to see if it really was earthquake proof, and lo! It was!

9:30 am  

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