Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The gym has been spruced up in preparation for tomorrow's big day. Red and white banners have been put up all around the walls - red and white are the colours of celebration in Japan. Also note the Japanese flag - the Hinomaru - on the stage. Every Japanese school I've been to has a Hinomaru on the stage, and it still seems kind of weird to me. I suppose it's because in England you rarely see the Union Jack or St George's Cross, especially not in a school. Why is that? Are we ashamed of our nationalistic past? Or are we just not very patriotic? Or maybe we are, but we just don't want to flaunt it. Posted by Hello


Blogger lemaiz said...

Also in Spain: it's pretty rare to have people hanging the Spanish flag - it's seen as harking back to the ultra-nationalistic Franco era, which no one wants. P'raps the Brits don't like that attitude; is it too far-right, UKIP, dare we say it neo-Nazi an attitude to show an overt allegiance to your country? Or is it just because that's what the Americans do, so therefore we mustn't.

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