Tuesday, January 10, 2006

England, Sweet England

Happy New Year everyone! Well, I'm back safe from my trip home - as expected the two weeks just flew by. Christmas with the family was fantastic (I never realised I'd missed Brussels sprouts so much), and I managed to meet up with loads of old friends for a good old chinwag to boot.
New Year was less enjoyable: I developed a rather nasty head cold and ended up staying in bed for the whole time. I did manage to crawl out of bed for a family game of Cluedo close to midnight, but I'm afraid that's where the festivities ended. So that's 2 entirely party-free, sober New Years in a row - I'm going to have to buck my ideas up for next year.
On the plus side though, I did win Cluedo.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures, there'll be a longer update soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude is was awesome to see you. I am hugging the radiatror as I write this. The heating has packed up in school so I am getting a flavour of what your shed might be like.
Enjoy the fridge

5:55 am  

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