Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Christmas dinner - oh how I've missed thee! I ended up eating so much that I couldn't physically move off the sofa to turn off the Queen's speech, and ended up accidentally watching it. (By the way, this isn't actually my dinner - I had nut roast, natch)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had some kind of stuffed Quorn thing this year for my New Year's Day dinner (we didn't make it home for Christmas, instead going for new year). It was in a cranberry sauce, but was actually not too bad. Went well with roast potatoes, the obligatory brussels, a helping of carrots and a good size spoonful of bread sauce.

I'll tell you something else, if you think it is tough finding vegetarian options in Japan, try South Korea. I even found a pizza place in a mall food court that had nothing without meat on it (not even a simple cheese pizza). Luckily for me, one of the Korean places had a dish which was basically vegetables over rice, served with spicy ketchup and, of course, kim chee.

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