Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Inn of Packwood - proud bearer of a five star review on Yahoo Travel. One happy customer said: "We had travelled and stayed at several places in the past but never experienced such a clean and hospitable place to live." Book me a room, I'm on my way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Lewis...I hate to see you set yourself up this way. You are bound to be let down. Instead, go in with expectations of hovels, dirt roads and pick-up trucks a plenty (not to mention a bunch of guys wearing logging gear with skoal tins in their back pockets). Did you know that Caitlin's home town of Shelton, Washington is but a quick trip up the freeway from Packwood. So come visit Caitlin while visiting Washington and we will take you to Packwood.

Paige (Caitlin's mom)

4:05 am  

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