Thursday, February 02, 2006

We've had passion fruit flavoured Kit Kats, apple flavoured Kit Kats, green tea flavoured Kit Kats and even cheesecake flavoured Kit Kats. Now, finally, inevitably, we have "cherry blossom-style taste" Kit Kats. Mmmm... cherry blossom. Delicious.


Blogger Natalie said...

I thought the cherry blossom Kit Kat tasted alot like tree bark. I'm glad you liked it. My favorites were the strawberry and then the white chocolate/maple syrup. I highly recommend them if you haven't tried them.

8:49 am  
Blogger Paul Hewitt said...

How PINK!!! is that. Amazing and I actually like passion fruit (a lot). If you are looking to bring something back for us, would happily pay good money for the pink passion fruit kit kat.

Only in Japan

2:17 am  

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