Friday, July 08, 2005

The London Bombings

I found out about the London bombings last night, and there ensued an awful hour of panic where I found myself frantically calling everyone I knew in London to make sure they were safe. I was at an English summer camp for senior high school students when someone sent a text message with the news, and all the English teachers rushed to the nearest TV to find out what exactly had happened. It was so frustrating to see all these horrific pictures of mangled buses and the walking wounded, but being totally unable to understand any of the Japanese commentary. To make matters worse, my mobile phone chose that moment to run out of batteries, so I had to rush home to use my landline to call everyone. It took a while to get through the overloaded phone networks, but eventually I found out my friends and family were safe.

I still can't quite take in what has happened. Suddenly I feel so far away from home...

I'm just angry at the moment. I don't normally agree with anything written in The Daily Star, but for once I totally agree with their headline. It sums up what I'm feeling perfectly.



Blogger Maethelwine said...

Glad no one you know was hurt. On an entirely different note, the English Tea Ceremony thing is pretty damn good.

2:28 am  
Blogger Paul Hewitt said...

Shock, but we should have been expecting it. Have spoken with a few people we know that were around and about and had some near misses that send shivers down your spine (fortunately no one hurt). One left earlier than usual on the circle line, quite a few travelling on the busses after the tubes stopped and probably the most scary was a friend of Clare's that was on the Kings Cross train, but got off the station before about 10 seconds before the first blast.

London has faced terrorist threats for years in the past and just as then we will not be intimidated by these evil people.

The thoughts go out to those who have lost, are injured and those who are still missing friends and relatives.

BBC coverage online has been a good resource and on the day we were able to get information via live video streaming, latest here:

5:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi!!! i just found out ur awesome page by chance, let me leave a message. im a japanese & studyin english @ uni.
youre livin in fukui! my granpa & grandma r livin there. so ur pics reminds me of my summer breaks there when i was younger.
i really sorry to people of london & england...bastard.definitely.
a/w i enjoyed visitin ur page! byby!

2:06 pm  
Blogger Lewis said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous!

8:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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