Wednesday, July 06, 2005

fig. 4 - The tea ceremony instruments are assembled. The choice of tea is all important here: we recommend "PG Tips", "Tetley" or "Ty-phoo". Airy-fairy herbal teas have no place in the English Tea Ceremony. Note also the all important carton of milk, a key part of the ceremony. I have heard rumours that in some parts of the world they sully the waters of tea with the juice of a lemon. The English tea drinker would never fall prey to such perversion.
NB. Some people say that Earl Grey should not be drunk with milk. These people are probably foreign and should be ignored.


Blogger Paul Hewitt said...

In my opinion you can't beat Yorkshire tea as it is supposedly strong enough to make 2 cups (which would of course be doesn't work) so it makes a great hangover cuppa.

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