Monday, June 13, 2005

Tokyo - Part 3, "Temples and All That"

Of course, the trip to Tokyo wasn't all about hanging around with
scary-looking teenagers in maid costumes - we managed to fit in the
time to see some temples too. Now, if you've been in Japan for longer
than about two weeks you've probably developed what's known as
"temple-blindness". It can be defined in two ways:

1) You've seen so many temples since you arrived here that they've all
started to look the same and you can't really appreciate their beauty
any more.

2) Every time you see a temple you want to scream, "If I see another
f***ing temple, I think I'm gonna go blind!!!!"

It's a very similar disease to the European "church-blindness"
syndrome - anyone who's travelled around Italy for more than a few
days will attest to the existence of this sad ailment. Certainly,
after I spent a month backpacking round Europe I could barely tell a
Gothic spire from a Roman fresco anymore. Likewise, in Japan temples
and shrines are absolutely everywhere, and by and large they follow
pretty much exactly the same design. Of course, there are a few
notable exceptions - I know for a fact there's a shrine dedicated to
breasts somewhere in Japan, although I've yet to find it.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that the two temples I saw in Tokyo were
impressive enough to cut through my temple-blindness and make a real
impression on me. Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa was particularly
impressive, partly from the fact that it was
Anyway, I'll stop talking about them now - have a look at the pictures
and you can see for yourself what I mean.


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death threats to teachers in the fu? we want details!

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