Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Make Poverty History

My good friend Trev has requested that I bring a very special cause to the attention of all you good readers. You've probably heard of the "Make Poverty History" campaign - the idea is to get all western governments to cancel all monies owed to them by third world countries. A noble cause I'm sure you'll agree.

To coincide with the G8 summit, there's going to be a rally against poverty held in Edinburgh, and I want to urge everyone who can make it to go. You can find out more about it here:


In Trev's words:

"Order every one you know to get involved. There are free trains so people have no excuse... Tell them

If they need help get them to email me (trevor@imata.co.uk). If i can get there with a wife and baby in tow, i'm sure they can..."

So there you go, support the cause if you can. The cynic in me finds it hard to believe that poverty in Africa will be eliminated by the cancellation of debts - unfortunately there's plenty of officials in corrupt governments who would just as quickly pocket the money rather than give it to their people. In Uganda some opposition politicians believe that up to half of the debt relief money was lost to corruption.

Having said that, cancelling the debt of third world nations would certainly be a start, and I for one find it hard to live with the fact that some of the poorest countries in the world are paying money to some of the richest.

In short, please, please, please go to the rally in Edinburgh if you can and lend your support - I really wish I could be there too.


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