Thursday, April 21, 2005

Spring is in the air

Spring has finally sprung! After a few false starts (ie snow in March) the good weather has finally arrived, so I thought I'd celebrate by posting some photos of clear blue skies and blooming trees.

Last weekend saw the final flurry of cherry blossom viewing in Fukui. Sadly, the sakura has now moved northward, leaving in its place fresh green leaves and a tangible feeling of optimism. If I sound happy that's because I am - finally I can get back to my house at night without making a dash for the heater and an extra jumper.

The temperature has been hovering in the twenties for about the past week, so I feel I can finally say with some conviction that winter is over. Actually, I was quite surprised at how quickly the weather warmed up - in England spring normally means drizzle mixed with hazy sun, followed by a seemingly endless wait for the mythical "good summer weather" that has a regular habit of entirely missing our fair isle.

Anyway, I took a whistlestop tour of the dwindling cherry blossoms last weekend, and here are the results: first up, that blue sky I've been banging on about...

Nice, isn't it?


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