Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Quirky Japan

You may or may not have stumbled on this website already, but Quirky
Japan is a goldmine of useful/useless information about the land we
all love. I particularly loved the "Nandakke's" section - inventing
Japanese words for foreigners, such as "Danjo Madoi" (uncertainty over
whether the kanji on the toilet means man or woman). "The Honest
Photographer" is also worth a look if you're bored of seeing photos of
sakura and temples. I have to admit that I'm guilty of this too - my
blog may be full of scenic views of Japan, but I guarantee that in 90%
of the photos there's a hideous concrete apartment building I've had
to frame out.

Click on the title above and browse at your leisure. (I've
also put a link to it in the sidebar.)

PS. Sorry for the lack of attention to my blog lately - I haven't had
time to get to the local internet cafe for a few days. However, after
being tipped off about the email settings in Blogger (thanks Phoenix
and Chris!) I can now post via email, so hopefully there won't be any
more random photos posted up without any text. Normal service will be
resumed shortly.


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