Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Guns and buns

Are you a fan of firearms? Can't get enough of guns? Then this is the publication for you!!!! Every week we bring you a guide to the latest and most efficient way of killing people. This week: the Kalishnikov. Famed for its robust construction and heavy firepower, the Kalishnikov has been the weapon of choice for people who like killing other people for decades. Now we go in depth to take a look behind the mystique of the gun they tried to ban. Featuring an interview with Mr. Kalishnikov himself!

PLUS! Here at Arms Magazine we've been conducting some exhaustive research into our readership, and we've discovered two important facts.

1) You like guns.

2) You like semi-naked women.

Therefore, we're proud to present to you...yes, that's right....A SEMI-NAKED WOMAN HOLDING A GUN!!!!

Can it get any better than this? You bet! Next issue, TWO semi-naked women holding a gun! Order from your newsagent NOW!!! Posted by Hello


Blogger lemaiz said...

Who else is retrospectively checking on this after the "naked women firing guns pictures" post in May '05?

10:12 pm  

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