Thursday, October 27, 2005

Running with Guns

You know, normally I'm quite a mild-mannered guy. I'm not prone to violence or angry outbursts, I'm not a big fan of gory movies, and I'm not even a particularly big swearer. Actually I can't remember the last time I swore... no, wait a minute it was this morning: I woke up late and I didn't have enough time to make a cup of tea and toast before I left the house. Obviously that's an extreme circumstance though - you can't expect an Englishman to get through the day without a healthy mug of PG Tips and a slab of toast and marmalade.

Could it be though, that all this mild-mannered Englishness is merely a Clark Kent-style alter ego to mask my inherent gung-ho, let's-save-the-world-with-guns, lady-lovin', cigar-chompin', Hannibal-from-the-A-Team-style personality? Possibly. Which would explain why I love paintball so much despite my extraneous foppishness. Well, let's face it, who doesn't enjoy running around with guns, shooting your mates? (Art, the lovely Polish chap who was running the whole shebang, may have insisted on calling them "markers", but he wasn't fooling anyone - we all knew they were guns really). Once you get that gun, sorry, "marker" in your hand it's difficult to stop the testosterone flowing as you creep about in the bushes, diving from one patch of cover to the next. It's exciting stuff.

And why is it so exciting? I'll tell you why - because getting shot bloody hurts. This is the point which puts most people off playing paintball in the first place, but I think it's also the point which is the key to the game's success. Everyone plays the game as enthusiastically as they can, because no-one wants to go home covered in bruises the size of eggs. As a result you could cut the tension with a knife whilst a game's in progress... Though luckily no-one has knives - that would just be asking for it.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who organised the paintball trip along, with our fantastic host, Art. If anyone reading this is interested in organising a trip, the paintball field is located near Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture - you can check out the website here.


Blogger Jasoni said...

mild mannered? I remember that head-lock-and-spin not too long ago when I accidentally offered making coffee instead of tea!

great pics though - reminds me of the old days... sitting behind a tree smoking for most of the duration after a night at club x and 3hours sleep. and those veggie hotdogs they gave us - full of bunly goodness... sigh

4:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gah! Lewis is so english!

6:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some might say, too English.

12:42 pm  

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