Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!

It's difficult to believe that it's Halloween again - it seems like
only yesterday that I was spray painting bits of cardboard to make my
Edward Scissorhands costume from last year (see "Mr Scissorhands" in
the November 2004 archive). Yet here we are again.

It seems that Halloween is getting more and more popular in Japan all
the time - I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but more and more
shops seemed to be stocking pumpkins and decorations this year, and
I've seen loads of bars and clubs advertising Halloween parties. Loft
(a department store) in Fukui had loads of Halloween costumes and toys
for sale this time around, whereas last year they had practically

I'm definitely getting into the spirit of Halloween more too. Back in
England Halloween isn't that much of a big thing: I think I only
bothered dressing up for it once, end even then I just stuck a bit of
face paint on, poured tomato ketchup down my front and said I was a
zombie. It's different now though: since I have so many American
friends here, I tend to get swept up in the whole thing a bit more,
and I have to say I had a cracking laugh getting dressed up this year.

I thought I'd push the boat out a bit this time: Flick wanted to go as
Batgirl, so who better to accompany her than The Joker? I was a bit
worried about getting all the bits together, but I had some really
lucky finds in the second-hand shops so it wasn't too hard at all
really. You can judge the results for yourself below.

Lastly, big thanks go out to Sarah B for holding the party at her
place, although I have mixed feelings about the punch - I only had one
glass but I feel like I'm suffering from brain decay. Maybe go a bit
easier on the vodka next time girls...


Blogger Paul Hewitt said...

Agreed we don't go for it in the UK. There was a lot of debate this year about trick or treating where people go round and extort cash out of the elderly and vunerable. Thank goodness we live in a flat is all I can say!

However Clare and I were in Canada last week visiting my sister and I can testify to some extreme efforts to decorate porches with cobwebs, pumpkins (Jack-o-lanterns) etc. Big deal over there. Pretty chilly though this time of year!

5:35 pm  

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