Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The snowboarding bug

It's official: I've got the snowboarding bug. I've suddenly realised that I now refer to winter as "the snowboarding season", and spring as "the end of the snowboarding season". It won't be long before everything I say will be "powder" this, "wipeout" that - it's an addiction I tells yah.

I thought that last week might even be the beginning of "the end of the snowboarding season", but over the past couple of days we've had loads of snow, so I plan to "rip up" the slopes again this weekend. I'm even thinking of going night boarding after school, which is very unlike me. Usually I spend my evenings drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits.

Anyway, I'm definitely converted. I went to Ski Jam on Sunday with Flick, Sam, Sam, Laura and Tilly, and even though the conditions were terrible (dense fog mixed with ice), I still had a great time. Currently I'm learning to master the art of throwing snowballs whilst boarding, which I think is an important skill to learn, especially with a certain Mr Sam Baldwin about.

Is this the end of "tea and biscuits" Lewis? Posted by Hello

The sun sets on another day at Ski Jam.


Blogger The Funky Drummer said...

I'm gonna rip up the slopes tonight. I expect I'll be busting out some sick tail presses on the rails.

The season ain't over yet.

Stay Rad.

3:42 pm  

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