Monday, January 24, 2005

Snowboarding fun in Nagano

I went to Hakuba in Nagano last weekend for a spot of snowboarding. The trip was organised by some ex-JETs from Nagano, and there were English teachers from all across Japan. Actually, one of the organisers turned out to be Marc Baladi, who I used to go to school with in England! It was quite random bumping into him in the middle of the mountains in Japan...

Hakuba itself was spectacular. It's a proper world class ski resort - it's where most of the events for the Nagano Winter Olymics in 1998 were held - and it's absolutely huge. There are 31 ski lifts on the mountain - which is a lot considering that most resorts only have 4 or 5.

My snowboarding's definitely improving too - this is the fourth time I've been, and it's the first time I haven't hurt myself. In fact I was actually overtaking some people as I careered down the mountain. Well, some of them I overtook, the rest I just crashed into.


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