Monday, January 31, 2005


I discovered this game when I was snooping round Hard Off in Sabae. And no, before you ask, Hard Off isn't a sex shop, it's a second-hand goods store with a particularly stupid name. Anyway, the game is called Happy Diet, and it uses a step machine as a controller. The idea of the game is that as you walk on the step machine, you walk forward in the game world. And that's a bout it really. There's a friendly cartoon bear which runs ahead of you and shouts encouragement if you slow down, but apart from that it's as simple as it sounds. There is another mode where there's a bear in an apartment, but I couldn't quite work out what you were supposed to do. As far as I can gather, the bear's supposed to be on a diet, and you have to stop her going to the fridge by spraying water on her. All very strange.


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