Sunday, October 17, 2004

A regrettable turn of events

There's been an incident. On Sunday, 17th October Mr Samuel Baldwin and I
were engaged in a friendly bout of frisbee throwing on Mikata beach. Then,
disaster. As he was lining up his umpteenth throw of the disc that day, Mr
Samuel Baldwin made a grievous error: in his excitement he mistook me, a
human being, for the Sea of Japan, and proceeded to lob the frisbee into the
arms of old father Neptune. Not being one to give up an expensive piece of
plastic so easily I waded in after it, managing to retrieve the errant disc.
But Neptune had other plans. In a wanton act of revenge he commanded the
waves to rise up and dash upon my brow, leaving me soaked to the skin. With
sand in my pants too.

Unfortunately my mobile phone was in my pocket at the time. And now it's



Blogger The Funky Drummer said...

I feel the events of October the 17th must be clarified. While it is true that young Lewis and myself were indeed engaged in the aforementioned frisbee game there are a few discrepencies within Lewis' account.

The truth is that growing tired of the frisbee game, I thought I would spice it up somewhat by making lewis go for a little paddle. Admittidley, I never intended to launch the disc quite as far as I did into the arms of Father Neptune, but I thought Lewis had it covered.

Without even a thought for his personal safety, he dived into the depths of the sea, only to re-emmerge seconds later, frisbee in hand, like the lady of the lake with excaliber.

For someone who up until three years ago was so hydrophobic he couldn't even take a bath, I hereby proclaim Lewis to be cured of his ailment.

This just reinforces what I have always said about the dangers of extreme sports like Ultimate Frisbee.

Accidents will happen. People will get hurt. It's a dangerous activity. Are you hard enough?

10:06 am  
Blogger Lewis said...

I'd like to point out here that lobbing my frisbee into the sea is not a recognised cure for hydrophobia.

5:17 pm  

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